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Sea Burial

What is Sea Burial?

A practice where cremated remains are dispersed into the sea, making it carefree and with the sea as the eternal resting place.
This is an alternative to placing cremated remains in columbariums.


Why choose a Sea Burial?

Many choose sea burials because it provides a sense of peace and being close to the Nature. Many also consider Sea Burial as a form of freedom and returning to Nature.

A Sea Burial is also economical as some do not want to impose on their decedents to visit the columbarium/burial ground every year.

Sea Burial – Traditional method versus bio-degradable urn

In a traditional Sea burial, cremated remains are wrapped in a white or red cloth, and the cremated remains are slowly scattered into the sea by family members.

Bio-degradable Urn

Cremated remains are first placed into an urn made of recycled paper and clay. All materials used are bio-degradable and disintegrates in the water without impacting on any natural habitat.

The Urn is then slowly lowered into the sea, where it will stay afloat for about 20 mins (depending on the wind and current), and slowly descent below the surface of the water.

A sea burial generally takes less than 1.5 hours with the use of a private launch.

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