The Group

Established since 1912, Ang Chin Moh is one of the longest serving bereavement companies in the industry. Our humble beginnings started in a small unit at old Liang Siah Street and and with growth over the years, relocated to our current premises in Geylang Bahru. The key element to Ang Chin Moh’s continued success is our persistence in wanting to provide excellent services with sincerity to grieving families who turn to us for help.

The Ang Chin Moh Foundation is the creation of Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors, a leading provider of bereavement services in Singapore from 1912. From its early beginnings, Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors has gone beyond just being a business, providing help to many in need of bereavement services and related assistance.

The need to champion and preserve the heritage of this key service industry is paramount. A key goal of the Ang Chin Moh Foundation is the establishment of a historical establishment that traces the history of this profession from its early days to the prevailing practices today. A strong effort is being made to provide more information on death, bereavement and funeral services to educate the public. This helps change cultural attitudes and interest those in choosing a career in helping people going through difficult times.

The Ang Chin Moh Foundation – like its founder Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors – believes that corporate responsibility for the profession must include a strong charity component where combined little efforts become big differences in the lives of many, especially those who cannot afford a decent funeral.

Flying Home specializes in providing International Repatriation services.

In times of distress and loss in a foreign country, our team of experienced consultants are available 24/7 to provide assistance and support. We help bereaved families from all over the world to bring the remains of their loved ones home. We understand and respect different cultures, traditions and religions.

Mount Vernon Sanctuary is Singapore’s only six-star rated funeral service hall provider as ranked by local media. Currently located at Blk 89 Geylang Bahru, comprises two well-appointed service halls offering a soothing and dignified atmosphere. Both halls have climate control, complementary WiFi, and a host of other modern amenities, that ensures your family and visiting friends are comfortable at all times.

In the Rhaeto – Romanic language, the word “Algordanza” is an expression for “Remembrance”.

When a loved one has passed on, we are often left with fond memories, and also a feeling of emptiness.

Having a Memorial Diamond helps us fill the void and remember our loved ones in a precious and special way. We are a global supplier of Memorial Diamonds, with a presence in over 20 countries across Europe, America and Asia.

Headquartered in Chur, Switzerland, we are trusted for all the quality that is Swiss.